Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Khurram Hasan

Khurram is the CEO & Director at Industrial Automation Services at KMH® Industrial Projects & Automation Services (Pvt.) Ltd. He formed this company some ten years ago. It has grown from strength to strength and achieved various milestones and awards. All this is due to the share hard work, dedication, teamwork, and vision of Mr. Hasan. KMH Automation has successfully served international clients in USA, Canada, and Europe. We have offices in Pakistan, the USA, and the Middle East.

Syed Ain ul Naeem

Naeem is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at KMH Automation. He is in charge of all operations and day-to-day work. All Team Leaders report to him for projects received from international clients. He monitors progress and reviews work according to company standards. He is primarily responsible for the ROI of KMH and HR training & development.

Murtaza Hussain

Murtaza is serving as President-Head of the Business Unit of International Operations in KMH Automation. He has worked here for the past two years in various capacities and handling products like Switchbytes. He is responsible for working closely with the customer success teams to manage and grow existing client accounts by initiating contact with clients, identifying their needs, and selling appropriate services and training programs. Murtaza is a Commerce graduate and has previously worked in various national organizations in key positions.

Syed Mohsin Rizvi - Management Director

Syed Mohsin Rizvi, is a young and Dynamic Management Director who is passionate about innovation and committed to excellence. He has already gained significant experience in managing teams, developing strategies, and building strong relationships with clients. Mohsin's creativity and leadership qualities have been integral to his success, allowing him to develop innovative solutions and inspire teams to reach their full potential. He has a talent for creative problem solving and effective leadership, driving business growth and exceeding expectations. Despite his young age, Mohsin has already launched two profitable startup ventures and developed innovative products recognized by the industry. He continues to evolve and expand his expertise, always seeking new opportunities to deliver exceptional results for his clients and his company.

Syed Mehdi Ali Zaidi

Mehdi is a Business Graduate from Iqra University, Karachi. He is currently Heading the Finance department at KMH Automation. He was previously working for a leading commercial Bank. He has a sound grip on customer relationship management and the art of selling liabilities and assets.

Shuja Abbas

Abbas is currently serving as Assistant Vice President at KMH Automation. He has serviced KMH since 2005 in various capacities and responsibilities. His specialties include PCS7, HMI Development, PLC programming, Networking, SCADA systems, RTU systems, Machine Automation, Process Automation, Automation and control systems development, Project Leading, System Integration, Start-up, Support, and Field Installation. He has a superior ability to resolve complex automation systems problems. Shuja completed his Bachelor in Computer Science from Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education, Karachi.

Syed Ali Raza Rizvi

Ali is an Engineering graduate from one of Pakistan's oldest & prestigious institutions, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. He has also completed his Master in Engineering (M.Eng.) from NED. Ali heads the technology and production Unit and KMH Automation. He leads a team of around thirty-five persons working on various existing and new technologies for local and international clients. Delivering custom-made projects in a professional and timely manner within specified budgets. Ali has over 3 years of experience in KMH and has previously worked with major Pakistani brands.

Syed Mehdi Raza Rizvi

As the Executive Manager, Syed Mehdi Rizvi is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. He manages a production team of more than 100 employees and ensures that all production targets and deadlines are met. With over three years of experience at the company and a background in information technology, he has a deep understanding of production processes and is skilled at optimizing them for efficiency. Syed Mehdi Rizvi is an exceptional leader, providing guidance and support to all employees and maintaining a positive and productive work environment. He has experience managing budgets, resources, and timelines, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Muhammad Fahad

Result-oriented and creative with more than 6 years of expertise, the head of digital marketing has successfully steered digital marketing campaigns across numerous industries. Muhammad Fahad skilled in creating and implementing data-driven campaigns and have a track record of increasing brand awareness, generating site traffic, and maximizing ROI. He's a passionate follower of industry trends and a creative problem-solver, and have the analytical chops to spot possibilities and maximize marketing initiatives. In highly competitive marketplaces, my ability to manage and work with cross-functional teams has repeatedly produced excellent outcomes. He's committed to using the strength of digital channels to meet and exceed corporate goals with a focus on continual development. He's use his experience and promote digital innovation to raise our brands' profile.
The company grow and expand with his SEO and digital marketing expertise. Results-oriented and proficient in driving original and meaningful content for various media platforms and clients.